Chrysnbon Kits




 Chrysnbon kits are highly detailed 1 inch to 1 foot polystyrene kits. Assembly is easy, simply remove parts from the "plastic tree" and glue with polystyrene cement. They can be painted with enamel or acrylic paints These kits are highly detailed and are very popular with the professional miniaturist.

The above images are taken from the Victorian Doll's Houses" book by Nick Forder Published by Apple, unfortunately now out of print but if you can get a copy we would highly recommend it.
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Cutlery Set

Cutlery Set 2 Place Settings - 5 pieces per setting Plastic mouldings finished in "Silver" These are very popular with…


Treadle Sewing Machine Kit

Treadle sewing Machine Kit Kit Accurate replica complete with Dress Form, Scissors, pattern envelope and tape measure. …


Parlour Set

Parlour Set This accurate replica contains: Parlour Stove Baseboard with decal Coal Scuttle with shovel and coal …


Cook Stove Kit

Cook Stove Kit This accurate replica contains: Lid Lifter, 2 Trivets, Match Safe, 2 Sad Irons, Grate Shaker, Large and…


Pot Belly Stove Kit

Pot Belly Stove Kit Accurate replica complete with: Arrowback Rocking Chair & footstool, Coal Scuttle Chrysnbon kits a…


Round Table Kit

Round Table Kit Feature a replica Round Table, expandable with 2 leaves, and 2 Cane Seat Chairs. Chrysnbon kits are hi…


Kitchen Cabinet Kit

Kitchen Cabinet Kit Accurate replica Upper Cabinet features artistic design on simulated glass window. Lower cabinet fe…


Dry Sink Kit

Dry Sink Kit Accurate replica Feature Dry Sink with Shelf, Coffee Mill, Pump, Towel Bar, Comb Case with Comb, Wash Bas…


Chamber Set Kit

Chamber Set Kit Accurate 1/12th Scale Replica Kit includes: Ewer and Bowl, Chamber Pot,Soap Dish, Razor, Shaving Brus…


Victorian Bathroom Kit - Accessories Kit

Victorian Bathroom Accessories Kit Kit contains: 1 small and 1 large towel rail, toothbrush holder with 4 toothbrushes,…


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